Training Section

21st Century Parenting in focus:

  • Identifying and supporting with children's Learning styles for optimal progress
  • Averting all forms of Abuse in children.
  • How to save today for the child's tomorrow
  • Special Education Needs: Early identification and getting Support
  • Phonics in Early Years
  • How to support your key stage 1 and 2 children with Literacy
  • How do I support Development in my 0-3 years Children?

Mode of Operation

  • Some sessions will be general and some will be breakout
  • All participants will be given a workshop pack with needed resources
  • Resource persons will be sourced within Abuja and among teachers
  • Seminar will be well publicized for parents within and outside the school
  • EYFS Teachers hope to use this avenue to raise funds towards more professional Developments.
  • There will be a formal presentation of the books bought by a few parents for the EYFS library.
  • Encouraging Cooperate Social Responsibility and Home-School Partnership.
  • There will be mini shops for items needed by parents

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