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At Ziva Birth to Teen we are highly committed to the optimal development of children mentally, physically, socially, creatively and in their general wellbeing from birth to their teenage years through partnership with parents and other professionals. We have sub divisions to meet the needs of children at different transitional stage of their development and to support parents all the way. We are powered by Educators, work in partnership with Health Professionals and trusted by Parents.

For the Birth to five groups, we focus on a parent and child dyad interaction and networking comprehensive program that provides series of activities for parent/child to cater for the physical, emotional and social development of children and give support to their parents especially mothers. This social group at the foundation stage provides a good start for development at other stages. We also help in providing information to parents through our ‘Stay and Play’ Sessions using our consortium of professionals from different fields.

Ziva Birth to Teen provides activities for children within the primary school domain. These activities support children in physical, vocational and extracurricular creative development and skill acquisition. These activities are very helpful for the holistic development of the child and in preparing the children early for leadership and economic development of our great country.

The teenage stage of life is very important as it is the transitional stage into adulthood. It is a period where children experience emotional upheavals, impulsivity behaviour and peer pressure and influences. Teenagers who are constructively engaged and supported experience smooth transition into adulthood. This goes a long way in saving the nation of different antisocial vices.

We are also committed to achieving these through regular partnership with schools, providing regular trainings and workshops for schools and parents as Home-School Partnership have proven to bring about better outcomes for children. Parents are better equipped when empowered with information to support them in meeting the transitional needs of their children from birth into adulthood.

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